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Podcast: Dialpad delivers a fully integrated WebRTC VoIP communication solution for business and conferencing

27 Jul

Arriving to the dance late turned out to be an advantage for Dialpad. Brian Peterson, co-founder and VP of Engineering for Dialpad, discusses with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, the unique opportunity which was presented when a g…

Podcast: PERSPECTIVES17 SPECIAL FEATURE – GENBAND delivers decades of IP development through Kandy empowering cloud communications for carriers and enterprise masking the complexities of the telecom network

20 Jul

Listen in to Sacha Gera describe GENBAND’s Kandy to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication. Kandy is the result of decades of work and is now a leading CPaaS solution that can be integrated into most carrier or Managed Service Provider architectures.

RESTCONN SPECIAL FEATURE: Dialogic stays ahead of the pack with pairing of communications API from the RestcommONE platform and the Dialogic video API enhancements announced at Restconn in Prague.

23 May

Vincent Puglia, Developer Advocate at Dialogic discusses newvideo enhancements to Restcomm with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication. RestcommONE is a carrier grade open source platform enabling developers to integrate voice, SMA, fax, WebRTC and video capabilities into their platforms. 

GENBAND, Navigating SIP Trunking and how it fits with other technologies

15 May

Ashish Jain, Director of Solutions Marketing at GENBAND, details how GENBAND is a software solutions provider for the Real Time Communications (RTC) industry enabling solutions for residential customers and the mobile market to Don Witt of The Channel …

Move to the 21st Century Conferencing with mobility first solutions for Audio, Web, Video and Mobile along with Webinars and Webcasts

14 Nov

Don Witt of The Channel Daily News interviews Dan Cunningham, the Chief Technology Officer with ReadyTalk about their history and their continued successful development of product which includes a wide range of conferencing technology including: Web Conferencing Audio Conferencing Video conferencing Mobile Conferencing Recording & Archiving Webinars Webcasts It is clear that the customer/user of […]

WebRTC is a maturing technology to Oracle – It was released 3 years ago and is stronger than ever helping providers and enterprise deploy WebRTC

23 Sep

The Oracle implementation of WebRTC as described by Chris King, Senior Director – CSP Product Marketing to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News from Telecom Reseller, will help carriers enable their networks for WebRTC and help enterprise establish WebRTC to WebRTC communications.

Telnyx surging forward with a “Be your own carrier” with internal network and quality which equals 99.999 approach

15 Aug

David Casem, CEO of Telnyx describes their company, network, and philosophy to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News from Telecom Reseller. David provides very interesting insight into Telnyx which includes the Domestic network Structure, as well as the i…

ClueCon 2016 delivers the venue, the FreeSWITCH and WebRTC technology, the attendees and the continued spirit of an ongoing open source project with a bright future

10 Aug

Brian West Brian West, the spokesperson for both ClueCon and FreeSWITCH discusses the current state of FreeSWITCH with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News from Telecom Reseller. It is hard not to get enthused about FreeSWITCH based on the people and the…

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